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Data Recovery, Electronic Discovery, Mailbox Recovery, Repairing Corrupt Word, and Excel files,  Computer Forensics,  Disk Sanitisation, Tape to Disk, Password Recovery, RAID reconstruction and recovery.

These are just some of the data recovery scenarios we can help you with. If we do not have the answer there will be some one who will through our specialist partner network.

We have Data Recovery Tools for...
Windows,  Novell,  RAID, Linux, Outlook and Outlook Express, MS Office suite, Mac,  Cameras, all memory cards, I-Pods, CD's, DVD's  and mobile phones.

If you are willing to take the risk we are can also show you how we do some of the easier recoveries your self.

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Sharing New Technology

Data recovery is a rapidly changing area, if you find, have, or know of any new technologies that you think should be on these pages please contact us

Your Privacy - Indentity Theft

In most countries there are laws protecting peoples privacy.
We at HDDRecovery do not condone the use of data recovery for any other purpose than those that are lawful in your country.